LP-CD Various Artists - #freeIrdorath
LP-CD Various Artists - #freeIrdorath
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LP-CD Various Artists - #freeIrdorath

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Various Artists - #freeIrdorath

We are proud and happy to present you a very special product:
The unique combination of songs under the name #freeIrdorath. This collection contains not only well-known hits, but also some unreleased songs that you have never heard before.
But that's not all that makes this product so special. With every purchase you show solidarity and support the new start of the band Irdorath in Europe. Because 100% of the profits go directly to the musicians to help them.
And the best thing is that well-known artists have also taken part in this project and shown their support. With #freeIrdorath you can not only expand your music collection, but also make an important contribution.
So don't hesitate any longer and show your solidarity with the band Irdorath! Get the unique collection of songs under the name #freeIrdorath now and support the future of the European music scene.

01. Halt Dich an deiner Liebe fest - Various Artist
02. Venus Vina Musica - Corvus Corax
03. Werde glücklich - Kaizaa
04. Immer noch - Fuchsteufelswild
05. Lost - Brisinga
06. Erda - Cesair
07. Wir fliegen wieder - Aeronautica
08. Bunt und Frei - Gossenpoeten
09. Schwingen - Waldkauz
10. So human of you - Shireen
11. Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm - Tanzwut
12. Vänner och fränder - Tibetréa
13. No Anthem - Fiddler's Green

Frei - Schandmaul
02. Stell Dir vor - Eric Fish & Friends
03. How Do Things End - Feline & Strange
04. Kompass auf Herz - Nathanael
05. Stimmen aus der Tiefe - Delva
06. Liberty Awaits - The Trouble Notes
07. Brother - Tales of Nebelheym
08. Heaven - Calling Charisma
09. Segel hoch - Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen
10. Krieger - Vera Lux
11. Quiet Loud - John Garner
12. Healing Tune - Celtica Pipes Rock
13. Jord - Niel Mitra

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